Oil Condition

Oil condition

Did you know that Oil condition is responsible for 80% of system failures. So costs reduction can reach 20% or more. Better oil will result in improvement of your equipment availability. These two advantage is equal for all equipment. Besides these benefits there are also several individual which will increase the result.

Oil Lifecycle
The degradation of the oil during the time the oil is used

Extension of oil change intervals

Manufacturers a advising oil change intervals mainly based on operational hours or kilometers/miles and not based on condition. These time based schedules are often very expensive. Keep an eye on your oil condition allows you to plan maintenance based on the condition. Which enables you to optimise your maintenance intervals. This can result in extended service intervals and less unproductive hours of approximately 35%. This will result in a reduction of maintenance costs.

Better Oil condition = Reducing wear and breakdown time

A better condition of the equipment oil will reduce the wear of the equipment.  So reducing wear is less maintenance which will result in more productivity. Because equipment is less worn there will be less breakdown time! The reduction of these effects can increase the equipments availability up to 25% or more.

More productivity

Equipment in breakdown or maintenance will not make any money for you. By a better oil condition you productivity can be increased with an additional 10% till 20% during equipments lifecycle.

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